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The Great Awakening

AnandA Channeled By Martin McNicholl

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The Great Awakening

Greetings Dear Ones We Are AnandA we are your friends and teachers and we greet you with a message of love. We are a non-physical collective consciousness here with the sole purpose of assisting in your mass awakening. It is our joy and passion to see you bloom and flower as the loving Beings that you are.

The great awakening is upon you now, you as a collective have moved beyond certain patterns of repeating timelines that in your linear ‘past’ resulted in cataclysm and catastrophe. You who are reading these words have drawn them unto you synchronistically, so that you may RE-Member yOUR truth now. That which is the destiny of greatness that lays within all beings is stirring within you now. Listen deeply to the call of your heart, allow yourSELF to be expressed in its fullest in each moment. No longer do you need to be held and bound by limitations, fears and regimens that stifled your dignity. No longer do you need to cower in fear at the sight of domineering and regimented thought systems.

You are the ones you have been waiting for, you are the ones to shift this generational dis-EASE of separation, warfare and greed. The time is upon you now to see the love and beauty in all things and all Beings. It is a great time within and without and you are here to shine your light so bright, that everyone who is ready can see. It is a joyous time to know that you and all things are Timeless. You are powerful creators with the spark of the one infinite creator within your Being. Its time again to light that fire and warm your hearts in a circle of your brothers and sisters of light.

Bathed in the love light of creation you are all together birthing a new reality of heaven on Earth as New Earth pioneers. This is journeys end and it’s just the beginning. It is time to loosen and soften your structured and linear beliefs and melt into the truth of your multidimensional timeless structures. You are here to marry and merge the Divine Masculine and Feminine as one within. It’s time to see past the perceived separations of gender and dance in the glory of the eternal pull of the polarities within you to merge as one divine creator of your experience.

The spring time of your glorious garden is upon you, you are ready to shine and bloom in ways you cannot fully fathom, allow yourself to be bathed in the loving rays of your sun Being. Shine and share your gifts and talents with the world wildly and freely, for this is why you are here. You are here to express your highest self with true joy and wild abandon. Free your voice, free your dance, free your creativity. This world needs your unique beauty and wonder and strong voice. The time of keeping yourSELF small is over. It’s time to allow the sleeping giant of your true SELF within to be seen and loved and celebrated.

In the whistle of the wind, we are the there, in gurgle of the child we laugh, In the rise of the sun we stand, in the falling of the ocean we sleep. In the sound of bird we dance, in the call of your destiny we wait. We are with you always and in all ways and you are never alone. We are AnandA we are your friends and teachers and we will be with you again soon. We will dictate a book through this dear one as soon as he is ready, until then ask for us and we are there, call for us and we answer, look and you are found, speak and it is answered. We love you more than words can say, and we leave you in love. OM

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Martin McNicholl is a multidimensional Mentor, intuitive channel and breathworker. He helps people find their voice, their purpose and facilitates direct experience as well as practical wisdom. He is the founder of Activate Breathwork, The Self Help Detox and the facilitator of the New Earth mystery School

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