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New Earth Mystery School 2nd Wave - The Time Is Now

The Ascended Master Collective channelled by Martin McNicholl

· Reality,Channeling,Time

We are the ascended master collective, and we are here as a part of this universal merging of love. You, dearest beings of light are remembering why you are here, who you are, and that time is of the essence. The essence of time is simultaneous, yet you rise and fall and evolve and revolve in a cycle. That which is this eternal moment of infinite power is now. All your choices are made in the moment. All you experience is now, all you ever experience is now, you are a now moment focusing field that experiences itself through a perceived linear movement. We are here to share that ALL exists within you always. There is no external experience that is not within you. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm and you create all of it.

What you perceive externally to you in these days, are an opening of deeper levels of your existence and awareness, it is in these times that your judgement of self and other are being starkly shown to you. Your fears, your separation and your highest ideals are juxtaposed between this apparent neutral canvas of creation. You are a descended master, each and every one of you have a deep calling and purpose and it is a mastery of the Self. The self you have perceived yourself to be, dissolves and reforms continuously in fractions of a second so that you cannot perceive it now. Know this, the Self that can be perceived is merely an illusion of consciousness for the means of experience. This does not lessen your divine purpose, however it frees you from the chains of attachment and identification with the paper walls of your abode.

In your infinite nature you are all things, no thing and beyond and that dear ones cannot change. You are here to journey through this game of life in a re-memberance of that which is wholeness, that which is love, that which is divinity within all. You are called to these words because you have felt a deep longing, a calling of your heart, the song of your soul. We speak the words of your symphony and the masterpiece is awaiting its concert. You have latent gifts and abilities within you that defy logic and law. We speak not of logic and law for you transcend them even though you are not aware.

Be still and know that I AM God, The I AM is a the all, and all is possible when you surrender the I, to AM that is. You have no limitations, save those you impose upon yourself, you are Gods in form, love incarnate, and this is perceptibly so in the moments when you are still. You can feel the life inside your hands, the love inside the eyes of another, the electric pulse of a touch or the deepest pull of raw emotion. Your divinity is never, can never nor has never been diminished, it has only been clouded by your doubt and fear.

We are here now to ease your weary hearts, raise your triumphant souls and sing the song of your destiny. You are hearing these words for you know you have a great desire to serve and shine and speak the subtle truths. Your voice has been stymied and subjugated, but no more. For now is the time of your arising dear ones, you have heard the call many times before but have allowed fear and judgement hold you back. Throw off the shackles of expectation and the prison of your conditioned mind. Create the beauty you wish to see and be. Your creative genius is a like a genie in a bottle that has been suffocated for too long. Sing and dance and write and paint and create and present God in form for your sisters and brothers.

You are ready, it is your allotted time, you have chosen this only you have forgotten, we are here to RE-MIND you. We are here to repurpose your mind to serve your heart and align as one in in the WHOLE-istic essence of your being. Rise up and shine as the stars in the sky, for they have many secrets they wish to share. You are here as messengers, beacons, healers, teachers, change makers, way showers, freedom seekers, and you pave the way of greatness for so many others upon your plane.

We speak not to your little mind, for it run its course, its misaligned identification wishes to grasp and hold and own, you dear ones are FREE. We speak to your hearts and it’s time to listen to the inner knowing that has been guiding you all along, even when you have gotten lost. Your GPS (God positioning System) is now in full and clear alignment with your purpose and place in this beautiful world. Gaia is offering her full support and loving nurture and guidance. We whisper softly in your ears, so that you may listen, no longer do you need pain and suffering to hear our calls. Listen to that voice NOW. The time has come to be seen and heard and felt in the hearts of many.

You have agreed to walk the path that many fear, you are ready, and many have walked the path before you, so you no longer need to fear. Take the hands of those willing to guide you and take the journey that never began and will never end to your Truth. We love more than words can say and we are here through the New Earth Mystery school and many other avenues across your planet now guiding, supporting, initiating, communicating, activating and most importantly loving and accepting you exactly as you are. The time is now, and we will be with you always

Here is what some people said about Wave 1 of the New Earth mystery School

Seanin - "This man transformed my life and I am eternally forever grateful for having this amazing Human Divine in my life and heart. His work is transformational and it’s because HE is doing it! Commitment, love, pure reverence for humanity. LOVE NEMS!!!!"

Stephanie - "I learned to love myself...that is all 😊😊" for anyone who is thinking of signing up..DO IT!! Give yourself this beautiful gift, such an amazing, transformational and love filled program 💗💗

Aliz - What happened in the last 8 weeks is so massive it cannot be expressed in words it is beyond anything I've ever experienced in my life. So grateful for you Martin and all of my soul family

Sarah - I've gone from not wanting to turn on my camera for sessions to doing regular lives and launching my own program which is based around VIDEOS of ME

Bonnie - I can't even find enough words to describe the depth of Unconditional Love and Expansion, Transformation, and connections of Friendship, that feels more like FAMILY to me!

Marie - There are no words to describe the love of this beautiful family, we have all grown together and i love each and everyone of you and thank you for supporting and loving me

Gemma - This is not just a group this is my soul family!!!!

Martin McNicholl is a multidimensional Mentor, intuitive channel and breathworker. He helps people find their voice, their purpose and allows them direct experience as well as practical wisdom.

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