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New Earth Mystery School Activation 4

· Channeling

The Ascended Master Collective Channeled by Martin McNicholl


We are the ascended master collective and we have walked the planet with you dear ones. We now walk again within yOUR hearts to awaken and remind you of this beauty that lays inside all of you. We are coming forth in this great time of shift, so that you may use that which is familiar to inspire and enliven that which is yOUR destiny. You have felt these calls inside yOUR BEingness, you have known there is more to this life. You have toiled and went through tribulation with a longing for more and a knowingness that there is a deeper part of you that is ready to bloom. The springtime of yOUR awareness is in season now dear ones. It is time for you to shine and release yOUR beauty to the world. All that has been written about and dreamt of is now.


The time for waiting is over, many have gone before you and laid the path for this time now. It is with great joy and appreciation we share our part in this, yOUR flowering of consciousness again. The time when the 144,000 shall be activated and awakened to that which is yOUR agreement and purpose here and now. YOUR brothers and sisters are calling for yOUR unique gifts and blueprints that shall bring freedom, joy abundance and vitality to the human experience again. Since the fall of consciousness and the dominance of the unawakened masculine there has been great hardship and pain. We honour you, as many of us know this first hand experience. Know that the you have decided to be here for this great arising of the divine feminine again. Like a phoenix from the flames, yOUR divine essence is soaring in every fibre of yOUR being.


These words arise ancient memories of an agreement you made but have long forgotten, this choice point is here and now, for you. Are you ready to live yOUR destiny, are you ready to serve, live and love the beauty, abundance, love and vibrant experience you have all known is within. If you are ready now, answer this call from yOUR heart, and step forth as the New Earth leader you came to be. This leadership is one led from the heart, held in compassion and from the place of true oneness and equality. You shall step forth and lead yOURself in divine knowing that yOUR mastery of yOURSELF is the only reason you came.


As a new Earth leader you shall shine like a beacon, a lighthouse a port in the storm for those who are lost. You shall lead by yOUR example, by yOUR very BEing state. That which was the times for trying, pushing, striving and never arriving has gone. You shall lead with ease and grace and allow the gentle space of awareness to be a soft yet enlivening home for those you agreed to awaken. The time is now and there has never been a moment like this in yOUR collective history. This is the rising again of the divine feminine within all beings in the perfect harmony with the divine masculine as a safe, strong and flexible container for that which is the new Earth human blueprint.


You are ready as way showers, thoughts leaders, light bringers healers and movement makers. YOUR flowering is divinely orchestrated in the divine gardens of New Earth Gaia. The branches of yOUR tress are flowering and offering solace to those who need yOUR sweet nectar. Fear not dear ones, if you have doubts and worries, that which has been embedded in yOUR DNA for Millenia is offered a transmutation through these words of Activation. There is no judgement and those who feel call but need more time shall all be held in the arms of love.


Those who feel this knowing and those you are ready to step fully into that which is your highest level mastery, the New Earth mystery school is yOUR opportunity, not to learn anything but to awaken and activate that which lays dormant within you. There a many potential timelines and possibilities, and you all have latent gifts that are currently seen as esoteric or fantastical. HEAR THESE WORDS in yOUR heart, that which you have lauded, applauded, that which was revered, and appeared within the masters is within you. YOUR multidimensional DNA and crystalline structures are resonating with this truth, and this call is from within you now. Feel that knowing bubble up within you as you RE-MEMBER why you are here in this body at this time.


YouR highest aspect potentials are Activated now dear ones, the New Earth Mystery school is an opportunity to embody yOUR divinity, and co-create the shift you have so long yearned for. It is with great honour, love and excitement that we invite you to mentor with us again. Initiate yOUR path of mastery and RE-MEMBER the truth of who you are, who you are here to serve and set forth on yOUR divine destiny of joyful service to the one.



We are the ascended master collective, we speak to you collectively and individually as is required within yOUR agreements with us. Your direct experience mentorship with us shall take place through the live interactions through this dear one but that shall be only the beginning. Your dreamtime, astral experiences and direct confirmations shall be ongoing as you allow that which is inside to shine. We offer Full DNA and light body Activations, Soul purpose alignments, clarification and initiations through physical and non-physical experience. You are ready now, for those who feel these words deep in their heart, for those who feel the thrills that ripple through yOUR being NOW, this is a calling of yOUR truth and we are here to support yOUR answering now.


The new Earth Mystery school 19-1-19 RE-MEMBER. We wait in silent knowing, eternal patience and loving grace. Its only the beginning dear ones and we leave you in love.

Audio Version and DNA Light Language Activation Here

Martin Mcnicholl is a Multidimensional Coach, Intuitive channel and breathworker. Hey is the founder of the The Self Help Detox, Activate Breathwork and shall facilitate The New Earth Mystery School beginning


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