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  • Martin McNicholl

    Multidimensional Coach, Intuitive Channel, Breathworker

    Are you at a point in your life when you know you need a change? You know you need to do something different. Are struggling with relationships, finances and and your purpose in the world. Are you struggling with health issues and seem to keep seeing the same patterns over and over again. Maybe you have started on your spiritual path and have read books, and watched some videos but havent had any real true direct experience? If so you are exactly like me 10 years ago.


    Over the past 10 years I have been on an epic transformational journey. I have come from a place with a lot of internal suffering, physical illness and general unhappiness. I Have experienced the fullness of life in all its highs and lows and have arrived at a place of peace and happiness now. I feel a deep connection with all beings, I am giving and serving in work that truly inspires me and changes people's lives and I am fitter, healthier and stronger than I ever have been in my life..


    I am inspired to help others who are going through the same things I did. I had many failed relationships, had countless boring meaningless jobs that didn't inspire or reward me , and I have come through alcohol, drugs and depression not to mention an 'incurable' back issue.


    I feel truly blessed to have all those experiences in my life now, but at the time I couldn't say that at all! So I want to help show you a pathway to finding your purpose, healing your relationships and body and finding meaningful inspiring work in the world.


    If you are ready to transform I can show you what I did and, if you are ready, you can learn from my mistakes so you don't need to experience them as well.

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