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  • Martin McNicholl

    Multidimensional Mentor, Intuitive Channel, Breathworker

    As a loving compassionate raw authentic mentor channel and breath worker I inspire, empower and serve those ready to awaken and remember true freedom abundance and joy.


    Having overcome adversity of separation, fear and addiction, I feel, understand and know people's real life challenges and guide them to remember the truth of their wholeness, perfection and divinity regardless of their life circumstances now.


    Having direct experience of many mentors, modalities, teachers paths and people, I activate and reawaken innate self healing, self-mastery and integration of body, mind and spirit to transform from the inside out.


    Grounded in the path of self-realization, I have clarified and opened myself to be a messenger and a clear conduit for the higher self and guides to move to me and through me for the good of all beings.


    Through the process and practice of radical self honesty, self-love and self-care I give myself and others the permission to express fully, to be vulnerable, to be seen and to be heard.


    By sharing and honoring all the challenges and breakthroughs of my life journey with light and laughter, I create a strong, vibrant, connected community who support, honour and celebrate each other.


    I am here to serve a global family of sisters and brothers to align with their mission and purpose on Earth by giving simple, fun and practical guidance. recognizing ourselves as the true source of health, wholeness and peace within, we impact, influence, and co-create the world without.


    I am here to breathe new life into new Earth as a captivating and charismatic Channel of truth, rising from the ashes, realizing our hidden greatness, with humility and sharing in the wonder, excitement and perfect beauty of it all.


    I am here to re-member my authentic self, and remind you of who you are and why you are here. I am here to live and leave a legacy of love and laughter. Happy and confident in the knowing, that awareness, wealth and happiness flows with ease and grace directly from the eloquent mystery that is you.


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