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How I Turned Gratitude Into Real Gold

You can do it too with simple daily practices.

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Gratitude is one of the easiest and most powerful ways you can up level your life. Gratitude for the simple things in life creates a space where any and all expressions of creation can enter. My conscious journey into gratitude started about 5 years ago when I was introduced to Abraham Hicks. Their simple yet powerful practices changed the way I see the world forever and dramatically shifted how I see and use gratitude.

When we are in gratitude for what IS in our experience we activate the creative principle of creation. When we are in place of being thankful and a knowing that we have everything we need in this moment, the door opens to joy love, abundance and health that is our true birthright and essence.

A few years ago I did a practice called 30daysofgratitude, where I posted on social media everyday something that I was grateful for. In that time so many incredible beautiful experiences entered my life from money, to a dream getaway on a private island, to Literal GOLD! In the video below I tell you the story and how you can implement this life changing practice into your life now.

For those who want some quick practices you can implement right away, here are 3 powerful Gratitude ideas that I use personally and with my tribe.

1. Grateful Days & Nights

Start and end your day with Gratitude. The moment when you just wake up before you open your eyes is a powerful time. Whatever you put into your field in this time is much more likely to manifest. So Use this magic time for a few seconds or minutes to think of all the things you are grateful for. e.g.

  • Warm Bed
  • Roof over your head
  • Clean Water
  • Food
  • Family
The end of the day is a great time to bring to mind the people, place and things from that day that you are grateful for. Just take some time to bring them to mind and fall off to sleep in appreciation.

2. Gratitude Journal

A Gratitude Journal is a powerful way to take those thoughts and feelings of gratitude and bring them tangibly into the manifest world. So every morning you can write down the things you are grateful for, and really feel and see its reality and truth. You can add things here that are not yet manifest in your life to bring them into being as long as its playful and doesnt have too much resistance around it. You can take this up another another powerful level by reading your words out loud and really feel and experience your words and desires as real and manifest in your life now.

3. Fooditude

The old practice of thanksgiving used to be a common prayer for most of the world but has faded away. Giving thanks each time before you eat is a powerful and rewarding experience. Not only will you appreciate it, your food will taste better. Give thanks for the food, the people who prepared it, the people who sold it, the people who delivered it, the people who grow it, the people who picked it. Implement this and transform your mealtimes to a more joyful abundant celebration again.

Martin Mcnicholl is a Multidimensional coach, Intuitive Channel and Breathworker inspiring and working with Lightworkers, Healers and Coaches to find their voice, Activate their purpose and mission in the world and have direct experience not just esoteric theory.

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