• Self Help Detox Portal

    Self Help Detox Portal is your home for guidance, support and inspiration on you all your life structures of relationships, abundance and Health. The two 60 minute monthly Facebook live mentor calls (every other week) will will cover all the essential life structures and you will be able to interact, comment and ask questions in text. There will be video and audio recordings in your membership portal whenever you have time to join.


    90 Day Cycle Programme



    Self Realisation

    Self Love

    Other Self



    Self Worth

    Wealthy Self

    Self in Service



    Spirit Self

    Mindful Self

    Body Self


    You will be guided and given real, practical, simple tools to create a powerful foundation to live the life you are meant to. A life of joy, freedom and fun is yours when you detoxify yourSELF of all that is hiding whats already within you.

    Note this programme will be a self study, self empowerment tool, if you want face to face Q&A on zoom and deeper mentorship you can upgrade at anytime to the lightworker launchpad 💚

  • What Our Family Are Saying

    Martin is one of the purest, most inspirational souls I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

    It's virtually impossible to do this incredible being justice within the confines of the English language. He is truly an earth angel. Martin is one of the purest, most inspirational souls I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His skills and services are a Cosmic buffet of magic, a complete ascension toolkit. All of which he delivers in his own unique way, with full authenticity from his giant heart. Martin holds space and supports you in pure love because that is what he is. He also reminds you that it's you too 💖💖💖🙏

    Mark Doherty

    Martin is amazing man he has changed my life

    Martin is amazing man he has changed my life. I was in Nems 2 the breath work, chaneling, the love you get is out of this world. 🔟 Star 🌟 plus 14400000 Martin will make ur life so much better I love this man and his family 👪 💕 no words are enough of what Martin does xxxx love life laugh 💓💞🙏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Setara Dolores Piscador

    I stepped into Joy and I found my power in Love and holding Space for myself and others

    Martin is a multi-dimensional being, a motivating coach , a magician , an angel . He is pure Love , no Judgment . His New Earth Mistery school changend my life . I found a family of Love, spread all over the world . I went from believing to Knowing and challenges became invitations to work my own miracles . I stepped into Joy and I found my power in Love and holding Space for myself and others . I have to schedule an individual session, not out of " need " but for the shere Joy of it . The breathwork, the shadow work , the channelings are so many ways Martin can help you to step into your own Truth . Thank you Martin .

  • The Programme

    Self Help Detox Portal

    Membership portal and Archive back catalogue

    • Private membership Portal
    • 2 Exclusive Private Facebook Live Shows per month
    • 1 Live Zoom Activate Breathwork per Month
    • Interaction and Q&A Live in Facebook
    • Private facebook Community
    • Community based content  
    • Live teachings based on the Self Help Detox Principles
    • Hours Of  recorded, Inspiring, informative teachings 
    • Channeling and Live Q&A Recordings
    • Inspiring Interviews

  • Free Bonus 1

    Live Activate Breathwork Zoom


    Activate Breathwork created by Martin McNicholl is a guided multi-sensory experience taking the participant on a deep journey to their true inner being and allowing the potential for profound transformations and awakening insight. It has been called by some the most powerful healing method they have ever tried.


    This unique modality draws upon many elements of ancient and modern work that have been condensed, activated and refined to make this an all encompassing and powerful tool of self healing.

    • 1 Live Group Activate Breathwork per Month
    • Trauma release & physical release
    • Gain clarity and deep connection
    • Reconnect with your body
    • Find Freedom within
    • Improve breathing & posture
    • Better circulation 
    • Numerous physical, mental and spiritual benefits 

  • Free Bonus 2

    The Self Help Detox Course

    The Self Help Detox is based on the universal truth that you are whole perfect and healed right now. There is nothing you need to fix, change or heal.


    You do not need to HEAL, you need to REVEAL the truth inside you. Regardless of how your life looks now you can remember this and your reason for being here.

    • 6 week video course guiding you from the Small Self to the True Self
    • The End of Self Help / Personal Development / Spiritual Seeking
    • Discover the truth of your own Divinity and perfection
    • Deep universal truths presented in a simple, practical and fun manner
    • Recorded Q&A For Inspiration
    • Channeled guidance
    • Practical exercises and techniques

  • Free Bonus 3

    Breathwork Breakthrough Video and MP3 Audios


    • Activate Breath Mini Practice 10 mins
    • Super charge your energy - Movement & breath activation
    • Activate Breathwork Manifestation Breathwork video and audio
    • Activate Breathwork Forgiveness Practice

  • At A Glance

    All the tools create a stable foundation of Self Wealth & Health

    Self Help

    Detox Portal

    Self Wealth & Health

    Community, support and mentorship

    FREE Activate Breathwork Live Zoom

    Live Group Energy

    Powerful breathwork Activations

    FREE The Self Help Detox Course

    You Are Whole Now

    Video Coaching to detoxify your Life

    FREE Breathwork Audio & Video 

    Breathwork Breakthroughs

    Powerful breathwork Activations

  • Self Help Detox Portal

    Self Wealth Health


    The Self Help Detox Portal


    Mentorship, Community, Support

    Value £288.88


    Bonus 1- Free Activate Breathwork Live Zoom


    Value £222.22


    Bonus 3- Free Breathwork Breakthrough Video & Audio Sessions


    Value £33.33

  • What Can you Expect to Create Over 90 Days

    Self Wealth Health

    A deeper awareness and connection to you true SELF

    Discover the Abundance intrinsic to your BEing

    Detoxify yourSELF from limiting Belielf habits & patterns

    A healthy relationship with your body, mind and soul

    Realise that you have nothing to heal, fix or change

    Realise you're whole, perfect and complete as you are

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