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    144,000 Light Beings

    You are coming from Light

    New Earth Leaders

    Time to Lead yourself

    Healers / Wayshowers

    You are already healed

    Spiritual Seekers

    You are what you're seeking

    Self Help & Spiritual Junkies

    You have nothing to learn

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    What Initiates Are Saying

    Here Nikki Gresham-Record


    "New Earth mystery School, was Extraordinary"

    Ineke Top


    "Love and support beyond words​"

    Setara Dolores Piscador


    "Co- Creating Miracles​"

    Bonnie Rose


    "Always Held in love and self Empowerment​"

    Marie Sutcliffe


    So much love, compassion and support


    I got the body I thought I wanted, and still I felt unworthy, unhappy and still self medicated through anything outside of myself I could get.


    So I decided that If I could fix my mind that was telling a different story than my body was I would have cracked it! So I began ferociously consuming every self help and personal development teaching I could find, From Think and Grow Rich to How to win Friends and Influence people, to the four hour work week to the Secret. I learned about affirmations, and law of attraction, positive mindset and how to think all your problems away by looking in the other direction.


    I had great benefits from all of these teaching and it actually gave me some great success in working with my mind, attracting the things I wanted and going a level deeper into my being. But again, eventually this wore off and I didn't felt worse at times. I blamed myself for attracting all the pain into my life! My relationships were still suffering, I still was using Alcohol, and material things to fill a gap that seemed forever widening.


    I had mastered my mind to a degree but there was another level that apparently needed another painful experience to uncover...

  • Ana Palma


    "...the most extraordinary experience I have ever had in my entire life..."

    Starr Smythe


    "I cannot Recommend This Work Enough"

    Zach Evans


    "It Changed My Life"



    "Its something beyond what words can express, try it at least once and you will love it for a lifetime"

  • What the people I co create with are saying...

    Ineke Top


    My life has changed for the good- better-best

    Sally Claridge


    it that it turned my life around in ways I never expected but which were sorely needed

    Marie Stucliffe


    Martin McNicholl is an incredible light to this world. He is such a gentle but powerful channel from breathwork sessions to coaching sessions and everything else in between

    Shawn Knight


    This man is one of the most Loving energies I have been blessed to know. Through his work in less then 3 month has created bushels of Lightworkers that will change the world in day to come. Love him

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  • The Programme

  • 12 Week Course Of RE-Membering

    New Earth Mystery School Trinity

    12 week deep dive journey of remembering of who you are, why you are here. REmember, REbirth and REawaken to the truth. Channeled and guided by Divine feminine and Divine masculine Ascended masters, non physical and physical star beings and Angelics.

    • Live zoom Call guidance, Mentorship, Channeling & Q&A
    • 31/8/19 - 16/11/19
    • Live in person retreats, and events
    • Discount on Private sessions and Live Events
    • Live Group Activate Breathwork
    • Live Group shadow Integration, Timeline shifting & Shamanic Journeys
    • Life time Membership to mastermind group and all content
    • Deep Soul family connection in a safe loving space 
    • Activate and put into Action your mission on Earth
    • Energy Activations
    • Movement Practice
    • Dance Parties
    • Healthy Food Recipes
    • DNA Activations
    • Light Language Transmissions
    • Discover and connect with yOUR tribe
    • Activate Multidimensional and extra sensory abilities
    •  Integrate and release limiting beliefs and self sabotage
    • Find yourSELF and feel HOME at last.

  • Free Bonus 1

    New Earth Mystery School 1&2 Archive

    You have lifetime access to all the wave one and two material

    • Hours of recording channeling, guidance mentorship
    • Shadow Integration
    • Breathwork
    • Shamanic Journeys
    • Timeline Shifting
    • Dance Parties
    • Yoga and movement Practice

  • Free Bonus 2

    Lightworker Launch Pad


    The Lightworker Launch pad is for those who want to launch their life's work and purpose in the world, experience and live true abundance in all levels and be free to do it where you want, with people you want, in exactly the way you want.


    Mission - Abundance - Freedom



    Find Your Purpose

    Discover Your Unique Life Path Pattern

    How To Call in Your Tribe



    Embrace The Wealth Shadows That Are Holding You Back In Lack

    Invest In YourSELF And Live in New Earth Abundance / Money / Service

    Launch Your Work Today



    What is freedom for you?

    How to become free and how to overcome whats stopping you

    Who are you free with?


    Includes The Self Help Detox Portal members group and all the benefits.

  • Free Bonus 3

    The Self Help Detox Course

    The Self Help Detox is based on the universal truth that you are whole perfect and healed right now. There is nothing you need to fix, change or heal.


    You do not need to HEAL, you need to REVEAL the truth inside you. Regardless of how your life looks now you can remember this and your reason for being here.

    • Video course guiding you from the Small Self to the True Self
    • The End of Self Help / Personal Development / Spiritual Seeking
    • Discover the truth of your own Divinity and perfection
    • Deep universal truths presented in a simple, practical and fun manner
    • Recorded Q&A For Inspiration
    • Channeled guidance
    • Practical exercises and techniques

  • Free Bonus 4

    Activate Your Life Transformational Video Course

    In this course I have included and shared all the key elements that led and continue to open in my life transformation. This allowed me to come from a life of drink, drugs and depression to a place of breath bliss and balance.

    • 30 day Video course with activate your life practices to watch and practice anytime from home. 1 new practice every three days. 
    • 15 Video Lessons
    • Text instructions & Worksheets
    • Short Daily techniques to easily integrate into a busy lifestyle 
    • Breath techniques beginner & advanced
    • Self Love
    • Gratitude
    • Giving
    • Movement
    • Knowledge
    • Wisdom
    • Challenge
    • Silence
    • Celebration!

  • Free Bonus 5

    The New Earth Mystery School Secret Facebook Mastermind

    • Lifetime Access
    • Group Integration and alignment
    • Group support and power of the mastermind principle
    • Personalised guidance
    • Accountability Partners
    • A safe space with mystery school members
    • Feedback and inspiration
    • Idea share 
    • Breathwork
    • High Vibrational Food Recipes
    • Energy Activations
    • Movement practice
    • Multidimensional Coaching
    • Channeling

  • Free Bonus 6

    Breathwork Breakthrough video and MP3 Audios


    • Activate Breath Mini Practice 10 mins
    • Super charge your energy - Movement & breath activation
    • Activate Breathwork Manifestation Breathwork video and audio
    • Activate Breathwork Forgiveness Practice

  • Free Bonus 7

    Forgiveness, Shadow Work and Life Blueprint Workshops

    These three workshops, were recorded live, with simple practical application to help you uncover and overcome the Biggest Blocks to your transformation. They supplement and deepen the main programme.

    • Forgiveness video Workshop 
    • Shadow work Video workshop
    • Life Lessons video workshop- Find the gifts in your life story
    • Three simple practical Guided Practices to start today
    • All workshops were recorded Live with questions and answers for inspiration
    • Video and Audio Versions

  • Free Bonus 8

    Daily Success Kit

    All transformational work takes consistency, the longer we can spend in the timeless and no self daily the quicker we remember the full truth of who we are. This daily success pack gives you simple short Activations to implement into a busy lifestyle, on the move or at home.

    • Morning Gratitude practice - Worksheet & Audio 
    • Living prayer Practice - Choose Live and Allow your truth video workshop

  • At A Glance

    Everything you need to Activate and remember your New Earth Leadership Path

    New Earth Mystery School Trinity

    REmember REbirth REawaken

    Living prayer, Gratitude

    FREE New Earth Mystery School

    Ascended Masters

    6 Week online Channeled conference Wave 1& 2 Archive

    FREE Lightworker Launchpad

    Mission Abundance Freedom

    Launch yourself and your service in the world NOW

    FREE Self Help Detox Course

    You Are Whole Now

    Video Home study Course

    FREE Activate Your Life video Course

    Activations for a busy life

    30 day Video course -Audio/Worksheets

    FREE Secret Facebook Group Mentorship

    Spiritual Mastermind

    Safe space, support and accountability

    FREE Breathwork Audio & Video 

    Breathwork Breakthroughs

    Powerful breathwork Activations

    FREE Bonus Workshops

    The Three keys To freedom

    Forgiveness, Life Blueprint, Shadowork

    FREE Daily Success


    Create Joy Everyday

    Living prayer, Gratitude

  • 12 Week New Earth Mystery School Trinity
    REmember REbirth REawaken

    Direct Mentorship with Ascended Masters and Beings of Light

  • Imagine your living your life knowing there is nothing you have to fix, change, heal or improve.


    Imagine being comfortable in your own skin in this world.


    Imagine being able to give this gift to others through your interactions and influence.


    Just feel now, how much of an impact you can make in the world with this awareness and knowing.

    Here Is what you can create in the next 12 Weeks

    A direct experience of your true self

    Activation of your Latent Abilites

    A clear vision of where you are going

    A clear idea of your gifts, purpose and mission

    Ability to communicate with your higher self & guides

    The personal platform to give and serve in the world in the highest way

    A new healthy relationship with your body mind and soul

    Development of Deep Self Love

    The ability to see the gifts and blessings in all of your life experiences

    The ability to meet the world with forgiveness compassion and love

  • Mentorship

    More than 20 In house mentors

    From Guides, wayshowers, health, wealth, relationships, healing, wellness, breathwork conscious business, sound healing, yoga, coaches, authors, channels, starseeds, lightworkers artists. We have a mentor for all areas of your life included in your membership!

    Lifetime Membership

    Soul family for life

    When you join this programme you have access for as long as you want and all the recordings are available whenever and wherever you are ready.

    7 Day Money Back Guarantee

    NO Worries

    We are truly confident you will find your home here with us, however no matter what the reason if you decide its not for you within 7 days. Just ask and you will get a full refund with no hassle.

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