• Today Is The Day To Launch Your Life

    The Lightworker Launch pad is for those who want to launch their lifes work and purpose in the world, experience and live true abundance in all levels and be free to do it where you want, with people you want, in exactly the way you want.


    This programme is designed to offer you a whole package of everything you need from support guidance, mentorship and practical tools to launch your work in the world right away.


    If you are a Lightworker, starseed, wayshower, healer, coach, author or anyone who wants to make a true difference in their life and the world, this is your home.


    The Programme - 90 Day Cycle


    Mission - Abundance - Freedom



    Find Your Purpose

    Discover Your Unique Life Path Pattern

    How To Call in Your Tribe



    Embrace The Wealth Shadows That Are Holding You Back In Lack

    Invest In YourSELF And Live in New Earth Abundance / Money / Service

    Launch Your Work Today



    What is freedom for you?

    How to become free and how to overcome whats stopping you

    Freedom to BE

  • What Our Family Are Saying

    Ineke Top

    My life has changed for the good- better-best

    I wholeheartedly 144 % recommend Martin McNicholl for whatever you might need his services. He is an awesome breathwork teacher, fabulous coach and Channel ( among others) The past six months I have learned so much about myself in his New Earth Mystery School, 1-on-1 contact and watching the Self Help Detox Show. My life has changed for the good- better-best: I have opened up more and more to the Love and the Light that I AM and this is opening up so much beauty and joy that I am forever deeply grateful to Martin and the NEMS Family

    Sally Claridge - Incorporating channel for the Star Beings of Channelling Love

    Martin holds incredible space for you to move through your shifts and healing

    I was in NEMS wave two... and all I can say it that it turned my life around in ways I never expected but which were sorely needed. Martin holds incredible space for you to move through your shifts and healing where all is allowed and accountability is free from pressure judgement and expectation. His breathwork sessions freed up my self expression and his Channelling shared messages that my heart needed to hear. I can’t recommend his work highly enough, be it a group programme or personal session. He really is creating a New Earth and awakening mankind to a new consciously aware and heart centred way of living and being. THANK YOU! 💕

    Shawn Knight

    One of the most Loving energies

    This man is one of the most Loving energies I have been blessed to know. Through his work in less then 3 month has created bushels of Lightworkers that will change the world in day to come. Love him

  • Lightworker Launchpad

    Mission Abundance Freedom

    • Two live zoom calls per Month
    • Monthly mentorship with guidance, Q&A Support and REAL practical tools to launch your life's purpose
    • Worksheets and Homeplay to take inspired action
    • Launching 1st July 2019
    • Free Membership to Self Help Detox Portal 
    • Find and live your mission and purpose on Earth
    • Live a truly abundant life in all areas
    • Create true freedom to live the life you want to live
    • Find your tribe and interact with a loving supportive community to co-create and inspire each other
    • Get Launch support from the community

  • Free Bonus 1

    Self Help Detox Portal

    Membership portal and Archive back catalogue

    • 2 Exclusive Private Facebook Live Shows per month
    • 1 Live Zoom Activate Breathwork per Month
    • Interaction and Q&A Live in Facebook
    • Private facebook Community
    • Community based content  
    • Live teachings based on the Self Help Detox Principles
    • Hours Of  recorded, Inspiring, informative teachings 
    • Channeling and Live Q&A Recordings
    • Inspiring Interviews

  • Free Bonus 2

    The Self Help Detox Course

    The Self Help Detox is based on the universal truth that you are whole perfect and healed right now. There is nothing you need to fix, change or heal.


    You do not need to HEAL, you need to REVEAL the truth inside you. Regardless of how your life looks now you can remember this and your reason for being here.

    • 6 week video course guiding you from the Small Self to the True Self
    • The End of Self Help / Personal Development / Spiritual Seeking
    • Discover the truth of your own Divinity and perfection
    • Deep universal truths presented in a simple, practical and fun manner
    • Recorded Q&A For Inspiration
    • Channeled guidance
    • Practical exercises and techniques

  • Free Bonus 3

    Activate Your Life Transformational Video Course

    In this course I have included and shared all the key elements that led and continue to open in my life transformation. This allowed me to come from a life of drink, drugs and depression to a place of breath bliss and balance.

    • 30 day Video course with activate your life practices to watch and practice anytime from home. 1 new practice every three days. 
    • 15 Video Lessons
    • Text instructions & Worksheets
    • Short Daily techniques to easily integrate into a busy lifestyle 
    • Breath techniques beginner & advanced
    • Self Love
    • Gratitude
    • Giving
    • Movement
    • Knowledge
    • Wisdom
    • Challenge
    • Silence
    • Celebration!

  • Free Bonus 4

    Breathwork Breakthrough video and MP3 Audios


    • Activate Breath Mini Practice 10 mins
    • Super charge your energy - Movement & breath activation
    • Activate Breathwork Manifestation Breathwork video and audio
    • Activate Breathwork Forgiveness Practice

  • At A Glance

    Everything you need to Launch You Life Work, abundantly with Freedom.



    Launch YOU Today

    Find Your Mission, Live Abundantly & create Freedom

    FREE Self Help Detox Portal

    Self Wealth & Health

    Community, support and mentorship

    FREE Activate Breathwork Zoom

    Live Group Energy

    Powerful breathwork Activations

    FREE The Self Help Detox Course

    You Are Whole Now

    Mentorship and guidance to detoxify your Life

    FREE Activate Your Life video Course

    Activations for a busy life

    30 day Video course -Audio/Worksheets

    FREE Breathwork Audio & Video 

    Breathwork Breakthroughs

    Powerful breathwork Activations

  • What Can you Expect to Create Over 90 Days

    Mission Abundance Freedom

    Launch your true mission, purpose and work in the world

    Find and Call in Your Tribe

    Be Free to be fully yourSELF always

    The freedom to do what you love with who you love

    Begin to live a truly Abundant life in all areas

    Discover the Abundance intrinsic to your BEing

    A deeper awareness and connection to you true SELF

    Realise you're whole, perfect and complete as you are

    Realise that you have nothing to heal, fix or change

    Detoxify yourSELF from limiting Belielf habits & patterns

    A healthy relationship with your body, mind and soul

    A deep relationship with you soul family and partners

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