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New Earth Mystery School Activation 2

19:19 19-1-19 144,000

· Channeling

Ascended master Collective Channeled by Martin McNicholl


We are the ascended master collective, here as teachers to awaken the 144,000 Descended masters to their remembrance now. The time has come that was agreed upon within yOUR deep forgotten past. A calling has existed within yOUR heart for many lifetimes, a yearning for something bigger than the pain, suffering and limitations you saw in the world. You know you have come with great purpose, but you did not know what yOUR calling was, what that deep desire within was calling you to. This call is now being answered and awakened within you cellular DNA.

You have come to awaken the masses, you have come to bring the good news and secrets of the ages. The time for waiting is over, the time for awakening is now. You have agreed upon this time, and this activation within yOUR being to yOUR divine destiny. All that lays dormant within yOUR structure now springs and sparks into life, as the divine driving force for this incarnation. YOUR remembrance and initial activation began on 21-12-18 and is furthered by continual activation now through these words. You can feel this truth now and it emerges as knowing deep within.

You are the ones you have been waiting for, you are what you seek dear ones. The time for looking out there has vanished, and all is left is yOUR inner vision of the divine temple within you ready for yOUR service. We have walked yOUR planet with you, and now bring our combined wisdom and experience together as one with you, to awaken and activate the sacred heart of yOUR dear brothers and sisters

You are the founders of this New Earth, heaven on Earth is now here. The new Earth Mystery School is yOUR invitation to not only remember, but to create and re-create that which you are, that which you have been, and that which you were to become, right here in this moment of now. The eternal moment of now is yOUR power, yOUR destiny, yOUR tabernacle of love.

You have felt this calling deep inside, you are ready now to answer this call. It is time and yOUR choice is before you. Stand up, stand tall, shine bright and serve yOUR sisters and brothers of Earth in the divine remembrance of yOUR blueprint of mastery. YOUR divine gifts and unique abilities are awakening in this process, and the mystery School shall uncover the mysteries within you.

The Special being status and hierarchical systems are gone now in this new reality dear ones. You shall uncover the mysteries within yOUR heart guided by us through this dear one in the New Earth Mystery School. You are tasked with bringing these teachings, activations and remembrances to the masses. You are tasked with remembering yOUR role as a master teacher and lead with other leaders as equals and see the oneness of all beings.

You are ready and we speak to you directly. You will receive direct relationship and initiations with individual Ascended masters within our collective. Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine masters guide you individually and collectively. We call forth the divine children of the light, yOUR time is now. You are the ones you have been waiting for, you are the descended masters with the divine blueprint within for living heaven on Earth. 19-1-19 the New Earth Mystery School, join and listen to this call and create yOUR destiny of love from the inside out. We are the ascended master collective and we await yOUR loving embrace, as we offer that which is yOUR destiny

Audio Version With Light language Activation

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Martin Mcnicholl is . multidimensional Coach, Intuitive channel and breathworker. Hey is the founder of the The Self Help Detox, Activate Breathwork and shall facilitate The New Earth Mystery School beginning


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