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New Earth Mystery School Activation 1


19:19 19-1-19 144,000

· Channeling

Ascended Master Collective channeled by Martin Mcnicholl

We are the Ascended Masters who walked your planet, we have assisted humanity in physical and nonphysical forms. Our teachings have made the basis of many of your mystery schools and religions, although many of them have been distorted. We return en masse now to offer our pure teachings as a collective, and individually to those who are ready for the modern mystery school teachings for new earth leaders.

We offer templates, codes and activations for the soul and cellular regeneration and remembrance of the divine potential within you. That which has been your dominant structures on earth are now falling away. You are called to step forth into your new Quantum actualized state with multi-dimensional abilities of self-healing and intuitive capacities. We call forth those who are ready to listen to this call. You have been master teachers, way showers, leaders and guiding lights throughout the ages. You have roamed upon Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient Egypt. That which are the templates left latent within you now are activated by these words and calling.

You are RE-membering the reason you have come into this body at this time. The memories and abilities are activated within you now, and the waiting is over. You are now feeling the deep remembrance and activation of your multidimensional DNA. The cellular regeneration and clearing that began in 2012 is now complete and the pain and struggles you have endured and agreed upon need be no longer be. You have passed through another portal gate on 21-12-18 and that has opened a pathway to your full awakening and activation on the 1-1-19 and 19-1-19 Gateways.

This is a call to arms for all warriors of light throughout the ages, this call is a beckoning of your greatness within, to stand in a line of love with your brothers and sisters of the 144,000 now. Your call is heard and reverberating throughout creation, that which you are cannot be held or controlled or sequestered anymore, you are ready in this moment. You are ready in this moment to arise dear ones as the Divine new Earth leaders. Bring forth the mysteries found deep within your being, so that you may again rise and shine as divine beings of light serving your sisters and brothers of Earth

You have a Divine Purpose and your mission of love begins now. This call comes from deep within you, and is a memory that is meant to be felt deeply in this moment.You have agreed to set this forth in this now and incorporate and actualise that which is your highest abilities and capacity within this realm. The remembrance of your telepathy, telekinesis, gnosis, free movement, sound wave creation, languages of light, healing technologies, communications of the highest level with your star family lineages, timeline remerging and regeneration, reverse ageing, subtle body activation, quantum jumping, lightbody merging, twin flame and soulmate reunification. This is a fully activated potential within you now dear ones, join us on this journey back to yourself, and uncover the unforgotten mysteries within you, that have begged for remembrance now.

We are the ascended Master Collective and we shall guide you through this process through this dear one beginning the 1-1-19 with with full activation moving from 19-1-19 through to completion. You are loved supported, guided and held.When you answer this call and take the step, all support, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally, and personally shall arise with ease and Grace. All is here for you, take your first steps home to you and your greatness. We wait with loving knowing and complete unconditional love. The ascended Master Collective

Audio Version With Light Language Activation

Martin Mcnicholl Multidimensional mentor, Inuitive Channel, Breathworker.

Martin Mcnicholl is . multidimensional Coach, Intuitive channel and breathworker. Hey is the founder of the The Self Help Detox, Activate Breathwork and shall facilitate The New Earth Mystery School beginning


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