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What is the time?

Time as you know it is a linear and fixed progression. In reality time is malleable, free-flowing and moving in conjunction with consciousness. Time does not move from A to B to C in the nonphysical, here we see A, B and C all at once and can melt and merge at one with all-points simultaneously.


So how can you experience progression or growth or movement or even have a conversation?

The flower of life

This is a good question which can be challenging to be put into your limited human language, as by its very nature it is linear. We communicate with you in blocks of complete thought, the words are being transmitted and deciphered into linear language by you, but in reality you are receiving everything all at once. We can use an analogy of DVD. The DVD has the full content of information on there in a complete disc, but you use a linear focus to watch a story or gain an experience of progression. This is one way time can be experienced. We can give ourselves an experience of progression or evolution or growth through our pointed focus. The difference for us is that we can do this with awareness of the whole and you experience this on Earth without this awareness. When you become aware of this reality you can begin to mould and create consciously your reality much more quickly and directly. When you become aware of the totality of created reality you can become a puppet master consciously pulling the strings and seeing instant results.


So if you’re aware of the whole at all times do you not lose the joy of accomplishments or the unknown excitement of a journey?

The journey of life

The way you experience your growth, expansion and journeys is dictated by your focus. The body is a focusing device for your consciousness. The body seems separate and is used by consciousness to experience separation from the whole, that which you are. This is your journey so to speak, on earth in a third dimensional experience. When you ascend in energy and into nonphysical, your awareness of information expands and the need for linear progression lessens and eventually disappears. But this does not mean that there is nothing more to discover, there is no end to infinity, by definition there are always more ways in which all that is can become aware of itself through your eyes, through your focus, through your perception. There are elements of our reality and beyond that cannot be translated in language as they are beyond that which can be conveyed in this form. But we assure you that we are never ‘bored’ and endless opportunities of love joy and abundance are available always to all beings. As you lighten up physically and move towards your higher beingness, this understanding and wisdom will be revealed to you through experience.


Where are you, what dimension are you in?

Dimensions exist within our mind

We are a collective consciousness vibrating as a whole in seventh dimensional reality. This is not a place as you know it, this is speed of vibration of the whole. This allows us to be free of physical restraints and locational limitations. We are as leaves on the wind, and we are aware that we are both the leaves and the wind. Humans are very persistent and precise on locations, places, numbers and facts. This is a product of the ego mind that seeks to separate, pigeonhole, identify and classify. We are free creative beings flowing in love and bliss as our desires take us. You are the same as us, the only difference being we are aware of this fact and you largely are not.

We thank you for these questions and interactions we enjoy it immensely to converse with you in this way. We expand in experience and joy through this process as much as you do and we now leave you in love until next time. We are AnandA your friends and teachers and leave you with our love. OM

Martin Mcnicholl is a speaker, intuitive and breathworker you can find out more at www.activatebreathwork.com

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